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Suzanne Smith


Suzanne spent her childhood on the family farm - Woodland Farm with her parents and sister. In the holidays she used to spend her time , riding ponies, going off on adventures with her friends having fun around the farm.  Suzanne really enjoyed living in the countryside as a child before starting her career in the catering industry, childrens books

Vegetable Village Adventures


Suzanne found herself with the urge to write a children's book, she had always known she would write a book, but never knew what sort. One day she woke up and had to write down a dream she had all about vegetable children playing on the village green having fun. Suzanne then sat with her pen and note book and started to write. Over a period of 1 year Suzanne had written a series 14 adventure stories involving the vegetable children. childrens books

Book Series


Tango First Day at School - Book Review by Helen Cooper 


"Tango, a little Tomato, is preparing to start school. After getting dressed and having breakfast, he nervously sets out with his mother and brother to school. On the way they bump into a caterpillar called Cheeky, who is about to give them the ride of their life!
This enjoyable book is about making new friends and conquering nerves by trying something new. It's perfect for children who are about to start school and has bright cheerful illustrations.
My only criticism is that I would have liked more illustrations, with shorter written passages on the pages. My four year old daughter was trying to turn the page before i finished the story at times. I think more illustrations would have helped keep her attention. " childrens books

Robbie The Space Robot


The Vegetable Children are having a space project at school, which involves creating a space robot and spaceship. Tango makes a wish for Robbie The Space Robot to come alive .  I wonder what happens next ? reading books for kids

Tango's First Day At School

Tango's First Day At School

Tango is very nervous about starting school, but on the way to school he meets Cheecky Caterpillar and everything starts to change  for the better and the excitement begins. 

The Vegetable Village Adventures Collection


The vegetable Village Adventures so far has 2 books published both Tango's First Day at School and Robbie The Space Robot. Currently there are 14 more adventures yet to be published, so please keep checking for the next adventure.