Sam's Profile


  Sam Moore, was born in Norland, Halifax, West Yorkshire the surrounding countryside being the main inspiration for my illustrations. I have always loved to draw, paint and create cartoons being my main interest.  I had not thought of Illustrating until I was asked to look at The Vegetable Village and its inhabitants, leading me to believe that Children Illustration would be an enjoyable and challenging choice of career. 

The Vegetable Village Adventures Illustrator


Sam read all the children's stories and saw the images in her mind of what pictures would bring The Vegetable Village Adventures alive.  Sam has really brought both Tango's First Day At School and Robbie The Space Robot alive and will be the illustrator for all the books in the series. 

Sam Moore creations


 Sam is a self taught digital artist and illustrator, having sold digital canvas commissions and has had her illustrations published in the book series The Vegetable Village Adventures.

Sam also has an interest is crochet and has various handmade crochet products made to order and available for craft stalls. sammoorecreations is  a developing business, specialising in  producing unique individual commissions   For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Sam through Facebook or email